Friday, March 11, 2016

Art focus

If I want to sell my art, I have to give it a really big effort. I have to keep making work and submitting it to everywhere. I have to tell everyone how I'm saving a lost art and we have to hold on to the fundamentals of color printing.

My art is not just a photographic image, it is a process. I start with an image taken by a camera, frozen in time, remembered just as it is, until I change it, over and over again. Like life, this photo goes through experiences, a process that changes it, makes it something new.

I love taking an imagine and stretching it as far as it can go, changing it even though it remains the same. It continues to take on new forms and create new emotions for the viewer. Everyone can relate to change, to growth and the morphing of oneself...

My theme is mostly man versus nature, the constant battle of how we attack and she defends. Sometimes she attacks first and we have little defense.

I want to make art that is important, that has something to say. I want people to recognize it and appreciate the work behind it. I want them to understand the beauty of nature and the natural process of light through color photography.

First, I have to get the set up right.
1- enlarger with color head and timer - CHECK
2- processor with temperature control and roller (jobo reconstruction)
3- all chemistry necessary for printing - need to figure out what that is for color
4- dryer for accurate quick results (use hair dryer for start)
5- contact glass

Then I have to make my process work. It's going to take a lot of testing, but luckily, it's fast with color processing. I could start small and then make bigger ones in the lab if necessary. At this point, both are about as accurate.

Next, I have to get my work out there. I guess Instagram is good, but who are these people? I have to go in front of people with my work and speak with them. Tell them about the process and how it's really art. If I could just get in front of the right eyes.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Snowpiercer review

Snowpiercer was an off the radar movie that has some big names, but the writer/director is a Korean guy that doesn't get any recognition.

The movie starts off in a post-apocalyptic world where the earth is frozen and the only survivors are people aboard a constant moving train around the world. I quickly realize that this train is very reminiscent of the titanic. Poor asses in the back and rich fucks in the front. It's the eternal caste system where everything should be in it's proper place.

The only problem is, who belongs in what place? The people with the money belong in the bet place, of course. Just because people have more money, it gives them a better ticket onto the train, plane, first class seating in life. With that ticket comes a price of other peoples' misfortune. Some people have to live in complete shit and suffering in order for Muffy to have her sauna, lobster, and nails done. She doesn't care that people are eating each other just to survive on the same moving vessel as them.

In this movie, They mark their year by crossing a very dangerous bridge that is completely ice covered. They all know that they may not make it through the passage, so they accept their fate, whatever it may be. They celebrate all the major holidays as points on the map. It seems humans are adaptable, even in their chaos.

The story is captivating because there are so many questions, but as you have all of these questions, there is constant action and battle going on. It's a siege, a revolution, and the leader must sacrifice everything to make it to the front of the train, to the eternal engine.

There are so many philosophical references in this movie and also centuries of human behaviors from the past, even though this takes place in the future. It questions the moral value, loyalty, and devotion. The story also has a lot of conflicting topics that would define a lot of the people's characters.

We are all on this earth and instead of looking out for each other, we trample one another. We do whatever is necessary to get to the top, to get that power, money, greed high. The rich know there are less fortunate out there and still taking until they possess as much as possible.

I wonder how they sleep at night, on their 1 million count sheets, warm and cozy while so many millions suffer. How can they not help? How can greed be so powerful that you turn you back on the planet? on your fellow man?

We are done as a race. It's basically every man for himself. The people at the top feel like entitled assholes that think they can control the world. Make the people dumb and fat. Get them addicted to pain medication and antidepressants. They'll do it, they'll listen because they don't want to sacrifice their McDonalds and reality tv. Good job human race. YOU SUCK.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Star wars to hit over a billion dollars in sales?

This actually made me cry today.

It was cheesy and weak! They could do anything and the sheep will follow. People will even like it because they're suppose to. It's an idea that has been beaten to a pulp and should be laid to rest.

No more sequels, prequels, No trilogies, or movies from books. How about writers and directors write screenplays and then make the movie from that original idea?

I guess that would not guarantee a billion dollars in the first weekend for complete crap.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

I noticed a few things

Every time there is a noise on the car, i have a heart attack. Not because i think we'll crash and die, but because it's going to cost a fortune. I was lucky enough to have gotten my grandfather's car when he died, a 2000 Toyota Avalon with about 100,000 miles on it in. My grandfather took great care of the car and it didn't need anything to start but a break job.

By the time we got back to Maine from NY, break job had deteriorated by some other problem, needing yet another break job with rotters this time. Hopefully that will be the end of that for a while.

Then comes the inspection, which yields the famous, "i noticed a few things". Oh great! 2 new tires and a bar that i don't know what it does costs $450. But the car looks great, really in great shape.

Exactly 2 months later...a noise. That's not good, a noise is never good. We take it in and wait. The cv shaft is loose. To fix it will be $660! That is just fucken insane. People spend a fortune on cars only to continue to pour money into them. We are at the mercy of mechanics and the automobile industry. And don't even get me started on the gas thing.

How can i even know that what they're saying is even true? How do I know they're not secretly sabotaging my car so that it will break every month?

I finally find a local guy called Sepp, a German and he fixes the car, $100, 15 minutes. Job well done.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Prayin for some Hima Lamin

We were greatly anticipating a new ethnic restaurant in our coastal Maine town. When we saw that it was Himalayan, we thought that was interesting, what will they focus on. Once they put the sign up, we knew exactly what kind of place it was going to be. It's just like all the Asian restaurants that get a pepsi sign and their generic name. This one had a large a sushi roll held by chopsticks and another food dish. The sign reads: Himalayan Restaurant. Sushi, Asian, Indian, Tibet.

I understand the Himalayan regions covers several cuisines and according to wikipedia, "The Himalayas span five countries: India, Nepal, Bhutan, China (Tibet), and Pakistan, with the first three countries having sovereignty over most of the range.[2]

Sushi at this point would not fit the profile. Japanese food is an artform, a complete craft that cannot be fucked with. And Tibet is a noun, not an adjective describing food like the other words. Get it together people. We know for a fact when people try to do too much, they aren't doing enough of a one good thing. They should just focus on one cuisine, like Indian. We have sushi in this small town, we have the shitty Asian and Thai. We need a solid Indian food restaurant. Now these people are going to come in here and try to do the whole eastern world in food? Stretching yourself thin like that never works out. Focus on one cuisine and nail it.

I can already tell from the sign that they have no idea what they're doing. We find out that they're from NYC, but ethnically are from the said region. We wait hopefully, wanting so bad to be wrong about our first impression. We wanted to be proved wrong, be called negative, and be ostracized for our pessimistic ideas. We would have LOVED that.

Purely by accident, i was driving by their very visible restaurant and saw that a hand written chalkboard said open soon. Great! When? What times? Days? NOTHING.

Another day driving by, I see, Open tomorrow.

Great! When? What times? Days? NOTHING. I scour the internet in search for any information, a website, facebook, yet I get nothing. Isn't it bizarre that a new business is opening up without even a FREE facebook page to advertise?

Nevermind all of that, we wanted to taste the food. Of course we're there on opening day because the curiosity is killing us. We enter the establishment and we are reminded of the previous owners immediately because nothing has changed.

my facebook review 

Went there today and i was really looking forward to it. Being from NYC and having experienced many different cuisines, I was excited to see what Himalayan had to offer. What I got was a huge disappointment. The Tibetan momo (dumplings) were served on a bed of undressed bad lettuce and on the side was cucumber and tomato messily thrown on the plate, also undressed. The dipping sauce tasted like diluted soy sauce. And 1 out of the 6 had cream cheese in it. Authentic? Next, we had Indian shrimp curry. I specifically said no meat and yet it came with pieces of crappy little chicken throughout the soupy mess. In no way was this an Indian curry, or any curry at all. I lived in curry hill in nyc, so i know the smell and taste well. The shrimp in it was coated with something i couldn't identify. It had little bits of green and red pepper and no flavor at all. We had to send it back and I never do that. Finally, we had the Tibetan cho mein with shrimp. It may have well been bad, greasy Chinese takeout in the middle of nowhere. The shrimp in this dish were tiny and broken apart. It was so oily and again, flavorless. The decor still had remnants of big fish and roselyn. Also, we could hear the cooks and waitress yelling back and forth to each other. That was better than the hammering going on right outside the window by my head... the WHOLE time we were there. Not cool. The server was very nice and they give you complementary tea. Didn't try the sushi, but that is Not Himalayan at all, Japan is not part of that region. The quality of this restaurant is poor and I felt cheated, like they don't even care. Why would you open a restaurant with so many cuisines and have it all taste like bad Chinese food?

So, I wrote a review on the midcoast food forum about this and it got deleted. In place was this by the Dictactor of the forum:  

 Just a reminder to everyone, let's practice review etiquette 101 here. No bad reviews so soon after opening, and after only one solitary visit.

After relocating her hit New York City restaurant, Amanda Cohen dives deep into the conundrum of increasingly early restaurant reviews for her latest Dispatches from Dirt Candy column.|By Amanda Cohen
So i respond, 

I really think i did practice review etiquette 101. I could have said bad things, instead i just spoke an objective truth. Kinks are one thing, bad food is another. I have opened many restaurants and I know the difference between "working out the kinks" and just not having it. I'm so sorry to offend people by my opinion or "reviewing too soon", but I work very hard to earn my money and don't want to feel ripped off by a place. That is my first impression and in my experience it is usually correct. Please go and let me know what you think. Maybe my 25 years in restaurant experience is wrong.
And he immedicately deleted it and said:
I emailed him. 

R: Are you the censorship of the forum? Why do you keep deleting what I write? This is a food forum, right? I'm just writing my opinion. Should i just compliment everything when it's not good? What's the point of a forum if not to discuss???
You more than anyone should understand the issue here.
R: I really don't, what is the issue?
because i work at a new restaurant?
You said a lot of bad things about the place, one day after opening.
R: The food is fantastic and would welcome any criticisms
BECAUSE IT WAS really bad
why shouldn't people know the truth?
Opening day Reena.

I'm sorry but I won't have it. It's absolute bush league to do such a scathing review on opening day.
R: SO WHAT??? no excuses to what happened. First day is not a cover up to be a professional, good, restaurant
So what if i did the review 2 weeks in?
would that be ok?

This ain't a democracy.

What do YOU think?
R: So you the dictator?
Did you read the article I posted it not?
only good comments?

Read the article.
R: I READ the article
and i know restaurants
why don't you go try?
R: and let me know what you think

Oh I will don't worry. But if I had a bad experience I'm not going to be public about after ONE visit and on opening day.

No way.

Listen Reena, I could have easily given a scathing review on Comida on day 3 after the relocation. It takes time to work out the kinks.

I understand that. If you don't like that I deleted the comments, write them somewhere else.
R: you should have. What was so scathing about it?
a restaurant should know to get better
Not debating it anymore.
R: You're such a better person than me, I guess I don't have the kind of censorship you do. don't worry i won't bother your board anymore.

This guy is one of the biggest douchbags I have encountered in a long time. He is a pompous, presumptuous, coincided fuck that hides behinds a stupid piece of wonderbread. And I bet he won't even like the restaurant.